Tequila beer is to appear on tap following Heineken's decision to launch a draught version of its Desperados brand.

The 5.9 per cent ABV tequila-flavoured beer is to be sold in schooners (two-thirds of a pint) glasses, to help promote responsible drinking and to boost profit margins for operators.

"With this new draught format, we are aiming to maintain growth of the brand by giving our customers the opportunity to provide a wider choice to pub-goers, helping customers to grow their profit margins incrementally," said category and trade marketing director, Andrew Turner.

"The new font looks great and is certainly going to catch the eye of consumers on entering the bar, so we're confident that this format will further increase the popularity of Desperados and help our customers to boost their profits in the months ahead."

At the same time Heineken has also unveiled a new flavour for its Bulmers Cider brand, Wild Blueberry & Lime.

The variant will replace Bulmers Bold Black Cherry, which was launched back in 2013.

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