Japanese whisky brand Suntory has brought the sakura cherry blossom season to London, with an installation hosted by bar/restaurant ROKA for the whole of this month.

Visitors to the Soho venue will be able to experience the Japanese tradition of hanami (flower viewing), with the ceiling decked out in branches laden with blossom. Many Japanese like to enjoy the flowers with a drink or two, and ROKA's bar development manager Simon Freeth has come up with three cocktails using Hibiki Japanese Harmony, Suntory's leading blended whisky.

Match a Rack features matcha-infused Arrack, umami spirit and mango cordial, Suntory Blossom is a short drink made with ume sake, blood orange and sakura tincture, and Happo Harmony combines the whisky, rhubarb and ginger syrup, soda water and sprayed lemon flower essence.

Keita Minari, brand manager international for Beam Suntory, said: "Sakura is a hugely important season in Japanese culture, and hanami has been practiced for centuries. We wanted to recreate a 'Suntory' version of this in London, and ROKA'S Shochu Lounge is the perfect place to experience a contemporary take on Hanami."

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