Portugal's best-selling beer Super Bock has launched into the UK market, with a roll-out in premium independents and gastro venues scheduled to take place over the summer.

The beer, which will also be available in the off-trade, is described as malty, fruity, golden and luminous. It is available in more than 50 countries and has received 32 consecutive gold medals from Monde Selection de la Qualite.

The on-trade launch includes two pressure dispense bar fonts and a new pilsner glass designed for the UK market. The glass is tapered at the waist to help nucleate the beer and form a creamy head, and features embossed product accreditation and medal icons, as well as the red brand logo adorned with gold. It is available in both pint and half-pint sizes.

Super Bock will be distributed in the UK by Brookfield Drinks, headed by Nigel McNally since he stepped down as Wells & Youngs managing director in 2012. Nigel said: "This is a brand that is all about conviviality, friendship and the Portuguese way of enjoying life. We aim to open up a window on the modern, young and dynamic culture of the increasingly cosmopolitan cities of Lisbon and Porto."

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