Fuller's has done all it can to reward astronaut Tim Peake's marathon feats.

He intends to run the equivalent distance of the London Marathon aboard the International Space Station whilst the race is taking place this weekend.

All finishers will be treated to two pints of London Pride as part of the sponsor's plans to reward runners and their friends.

However, getting a beer to Peake proved slightly trickier than providing one to thirsty runners in the capital.

The brewer teamed-up with the team from European Astrotech Ltd to launch a pint into space from The White Swan pub in Whitchurch using a high altitude balloon.

It reached 29.98 km (98,359.58 ft) before bursting - a little short of the space station which is 400km above the earth.

Looks like Tim will have to wait a little longer for that beer.

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