Top 10 remedies for the morning after from around the world. 



1. Raw herring, pickles & onion

The German word for hangover translates roughly as “wailing cats” and after a session or two in a bierkeller you’ll know exactly what they mean. So maybe they’ve come up with a cure that really works? It might do – if you could only face a plate of rollmops and onion on a dicky tummy…


2. Sparrow droppings in brandy

This is reportedly an old, and now rather obscure, Hungarian cure. It’s certainly disgusting, and given all the bacteria and parasites involved, most likely dangerous so we’ll be sticking to the more civilised Hungarian tradition of lazing about one of its famed thermal spas for the day instead.





3. Nashi pears

OK, strictly speaking this is a preventative measure rather than a cure — but it’s a good one.
According to Australian scientists the severity of a hangover is between 16 and 21 per cent reduced if you chug back the juice of these helpful fruits, also known as Asian pears, before you hit the bottle.


4. Rubbing lemon (or lime) juice into your armpit

This one hails from Puerto Rico, where it is said to combat dehydration. We can safely say this is total nonsense and guaranteed not to work.


5. Prairie Oyster

An American invention of the late 19th century, to make this morning-after-the-night-before treat just crack an egg yolk into a glass, add Tabasco Sauce, salt, pepper and vinegar, and scull it. Just don’t confuse it with the other Prairie Oyster — cowboy favourite calves’ testicles.



6. Sprite

Pretty much everyone gets the urge to reach for a can of pop when they are feeling worse for wear but, which to go for? Chinese researchers tested 57 drinks and found that a can of Sprite was the most effective in tackling a raging hangover. Something to do with lots of sugar and no caffeine.


7. Dried bull penis

If you’ll excuse the pun, this is a bona fide cure for hangovers in Sicily due to the high protein, vitamins and minerals contained in animal willies.


8. Pickled plums

If this actually sounds like not such a bad option given some of the others on this list, think again. For, while Japan’s umeboshi plums are credited with a number of health benefits including helping the liver process alcohol, they are eye-wateringly sour.



9. Hair of the dog

Not so much a cure as a delay of the inevitable, but a classic Bloody Mary works well here (clean spirit plus vitamins and antioxidants in the tomato juice). For those in need of an alternative, then the Inapub team can also reveal a shandy to be a top option – light on the alcohol with a touch of sugar.


10. Bacon sandwich

Last, but by no means least, comes the humble bacon sarnie, which has been scientifically proven to cure a hangover. Boffins at Newcastle University studied the breakfast of champions and discovered the combination of bread and bacon actually helped to rid the body of booze more quickly. “Something complicated about amino acids,” said one of the science geeks.baconsarnie.jpg