Heavy metal band Motörhead have revealed their new beverage - Snaggletooth Cider.

It follows the launch of a cider from Staus Quo last week, called Down Down Cider

The band linked up with Icon Beverage Company Ltd to develop the new bottled cider, to add to the range of other Motörhead alcoholic drinks.

Snaggletooth takes the stage at 5.5 per cent ABV and is crafted with a juice blend of Dabinet, Michelin and dessert apple varieties.




Guitarist Phil Campbell is especially excited about the new drink: “As a long time cider aficionado, I am well qualified and proud to recommend this golden liquid.

“People ask me why Motörhead cider and I say why not. It’s been my favourite drink for years, a lot of people haven’t been exposed to cider drinking especially in the USA and I think it’s about time they got to know about it.

“It’s the same with our music, it’s real and its important we get involved with it otherwise we don’t want to put our name on it. It kicks ass.”

The cider, which is made in Worcestershire, follows the release of Motörhead Shiraz in 2010, then Motörhead Vodka, Motörhead Lager and Motörhead Whisky.

Snaggletooth Cider is now available online at www.iconbeverages.co.uk