Not sure if you've heard but there's a referendum soon? If you can't wait until June 23 to find out if Britain is in or out of Europe then keep an eye on beer sales...

Both Fuller's and Charles Wells have created "in" and "out" pumpclips for their flagship London Pride and Bombardier ales, respectively, which they hope will give some insight into how people will vote later this month.

Drinkers at two Fuller's pubs, The Red Lion in Westminster and the Old Joint Stock in Birmingham, will be able to choose to buy an "in" pint or an "out" pint, with results revealed via the brewer's twitter feed all this week.

Meanwhile 400 pubs will be showing two different Bombardier pumpclips, the traditional one and a "Eurofied" version marked as Chef D'Artillerie. Both will be dispensing the same beer.

"For hundreds of years people have debated politics over a pint," said Charles Wells' commercial director, Peter Wells.

"Even with the rise of social media your local pub is alive with discussions about what people think of national events."

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