The votes are in, they've been verified and counted and Britain has remain in the UK. That's according to beer drinkers at least.


Several breweries created special beers to allow punters to vote in or out with their pints in the run-up to today's referendum (23 June 2016), as we reported earlier this month.

The London-based Fuller's brewery served its "in" and "out" pints at three of its pubs with the following results:

Red Lion, Westminster81.2% IN, 18.8% OUT
Old Joint Stock, Birmingham74.3% IN, 25.7% OUT
Old Customs House, Portsmouth61.6% IN, 38.4% OUT

Meanwhile Yorkshire brewers Little Valley brewery sold three beers, In, Out and IDK (I Don't Know), which have been on offer at the brewery itself, the online shop, Nip and Tipple In Manchester, plus Brudenell Social Club and the Aire Bar in Leeds.

The latter reported sales of 68 per cent IN versus 32 per cent OUT, while both the Manchester venue and Brudenell Social Club sold out of their IN beer.

Bombardier fans, however, voted the opposite way – overwhelmingly in favour of an out vote in two social media polls. On the brand's Facebook page 600 voted to leave the EU and 13 to remain, while on Twitter 169 voted to leave versus 31 to stay.