Gin, vodka and sangria "cocktail foams" are now available to help give pub drinks a gastronomic twist.

Developed by Albert AdriĆ”, the chef behind the trend setting elBulli restaurant, and R&D Food Revolution, the Siphon-Evolution cocktail foams are 5 per cent ABV and are stable, so drinks won't go flat en route to drinkers.

"This genius new technology transforms the ordinary to the extraordinary in seconds," says Denis Renty, founder and director of F&B Premium Brands - the UK company that will import and distribute the range.

"Now, every bartender and chef has the technical wizardry of an iconic Michelin starred chef at their fingertips, quickly, easily and without years of training."


As well as on top of cocktails the foams can also be used in the kitchen, with suggestions including the gin foam on cured salmon and the sangria version with fruit, jellies and sorbets.

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