Burton brewer Marston's has overhauled its branding in a "revolutionary departure from its traditional imagery," as it looks to grab a slice of the craft beer boom.

As well as the new look, over £1m is being pumped into a marketing campaign and a new 600-pint "innovation brewery" has been unveiled.

Marketing manager Lee Williams said:

"The harsh reality is that as a brewer, we're not resonating with the next generation of drinkers who are attracted to the authenticity and simplicity of the new beer scene. For them it's real and it resonates."

"Talk to anyone working at our brewery in Burton, though, and you realise that we're no different and share the same passion and love for what we do. So you could say this is just about us presenting ourselves in a new and honest way, as only a true Burton brewery can."

The new branding will cover the whole range, including its flagship Pedigree beer and a new brew, 61 Deep (named after the depth of one of the brewery's own fresh water wells).




Two of the existing beers have also been renamed: Oyster Stout will become Pearl Jet and Burton Bitter will become Saddle Tank.

The campaign depicts the brewery's proud Burton-on-Trent heritage, featuring local people and locations. The ads were shot by photographer Gavin Watson, famous for the social realism of his work.

Finally the new nano-brewery, named DE14 after the brewery's postcode, is set to be an innovation hub where Marston's brewers can "let rip."

"We need the next generation to consider our beers, perhaps for the first time and discover that they love the taste too – just as generations before have done and still do," said Lee.

Ever wonder why Pedigree is called Pedigree? Find out here.  Or you can take a look around Marston's new £10m offices via our video.