Newport brewer, Tiny Rebel, has joined forces with Welsh rappers Goldie Lookin' Chain (GLC) to create a, "cheesy song and pun-based seasonal beer," especially for Christmas.

You Snows It, is a super pale Christmas ale made with British and New Zealand hops for a light fruity flvour and medium bitterness, and is accompanied by a new song and video from the band.




"Eggsy, Rhys and Adam came down to the brewery and our head brewer Sarah showed them the ropes," explained co-founder Gazz Williams.

"The guys helped with all aspects of brewing, but left most of the decision making to us. Likewise, we left most of the song writing to the guys from GLC, ensuring we all played to our strengths."

It's not the first beer the band has made with the brewer, 2013's Goldie Lookin' Ale was a huge success, and the team is hoping to create more collaborative beers with Welsh artists once its new larger brewery site is up and running in January.

Celebrity brews have been very much a signature of 2016, including tie-ups between Camerons Brewery and Motorhead, Hobsons brewery and Status Quo and Moorhouse's and New Order.