Carlsberg has unveiled a bold new look for its Export brand, ahead of a significant rebrand for the core Carlsberg beer next year.

It is hoped the changes will help revitalise the brand, and the standard beer category in the UK, by attracting millennials to the sector.

Carlsberg research suggests four billion fewer pints are served today than they were in the 1980s.

"The fundamental reason for the decline in the beer category is the fact the biggest segments – standard and premium lager – are losing relevance with millennial consumers," explained Liam Newton, UK vice president of marketing.

"In our eyes, the dramatic change in the UK beer market requires bold action, and an even bolder approach, and this lies at the heart of our revitalisation of Carlsberg."



The new look makes the most of the brand's Danish heritage and roots in Copenhagen. It will be supported by a £15m campaign starring Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen.

"By reminding people of where Carlsberg comes from and adopting some of the positive attributes from the people of Denmark, we believe we will have a powerful platform from which to connect with millennials in a meaningful way," says Newton.

"Standard and premium lagers recruit new drinkers, and if consumers don't enter through these segments, it is unlikely they will move into world and craft. This means brands like Carlsberg and premium beers like Carlsberg Export remain vital to the long-term health of the entire beer category."

The new-look Carlsberg Export will hit shelves in January and comprises new fonts, a 330ml bottle, glassware and PoS.

The redesign for the main range is expected sometime next year, and is tipped to be just as radical.

The mania for all things Danish has reached fever pitch this year, as the concept of hygge went mainstream.

Carlsberg isn't the only brand to announce a bold new look this year – Marston's unveiled a new look for Pedigree earlier this month (November).