Halewood Wines & Spirits is launching what it claims is a UK first in the form of quince gin.

Whitley Neill Quince Gin, is made with quince juice to give a "smooth, sweet flavour" and was inspired by the Neill family's travels through Persia in the 1900s, said the company.

The gin makes an excellent base for a wine spritzer made with red wine & orange juice (see below for full recipe) or can be served with soda water & a squeeze of lime.

"We wanted to develop a liquid which offers consumers something completely different, and this is the first UK gin which uses real quince fruit juice alongside a range of other ingredients to create a particularly smooth, sweet gin," said a spokesperson.

"Whitley Neill Quince Gin benefits from the continuing growth of premium gins whilst providing bartenders a genuine point-of-difference in their offering to consumers."


Whitley Neill Persian Wine Cooler


  • 35ml Whitley Neill Quince Gin
  • 50ml Fresh Orange juice
  • 50ml Full bodied red wine


Garnish: Slices of orange and apple
Mix together and pour into a highball glass over ice


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