Did you over-order for the festive period or are your customers embracing Dry January, leaving you with a glut of beer?

Never fear, beer is choc full of good stuff, which means it can be used as far more than just a refreshing tipple. Helpfully the chaps over at the Little Valley Brewery have come up with five things you can do with beer besides drinking it.


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1. Wash your hair
Shampooing with a brew can add lustre and shine to your locks. Just boil a cup of beer and mix with your usual shampoo.


2. Polish your pots
Back in the day the dregs of the beer would be collected and used to polish the copper vats in a brewery. With copper now back on trend for interiors why not revive the practice – just pour some on, leave for a bit and then wipe off. The acidity of the beer will give it a very nice shine indeed.


3. Water the lawn
Got some brown patches in the beer garden? Treat it with some beer, the fermented sugars will stimulate plant growth and kill fungi.


4. Loosen rusty bolts
There is WD40 (other lubricant brands are available) but if you've run out then applying beer to the problem can also help, as the carbonation helps bread down the rust and loosen the bolt. Just pour some on and leave for a while before giving it a go.


5. Give yourself a pedicure
Go on you deserve it after all those long hours over Christmas. The yeast will soften hard skin and the alcohol acts as a natural antiseptic. Add about half a bottle to a bowl of warm water and soak for an hour. Or more.


Alternatively, you could just drink the stuff or encourage customers to do Tryanuary and try a new beer. Check out our beginners guide to craft beer here, or our look at the canned beer come back.