How did your punters toast the New Year – Champagne? Prosecco? Beer? We're not joking.

Figures from Epos Now, which polled 800 UK pubs, revealed that while Champagne and Prosecco sales soared between 11.30pm and 12.30am on New Year's Day, fizz didn't fare so well the rest of the evening, when beer remained the most popular tipple.

From 5pm on December 31 to 5am on January 1 beer accounted for 27 per cent of drinks sold, followed closely by spirits at 20 per cent. Sparkling wine sales accounted for a mere 15 per cent of drinks sales over the same period.

"It seems many people like to ring in the New Year with a celebratory glass of bubbly but that's typically where it stops," said Jacyn Heavens, chief executive at Epos Now.

"Champagne and Prosecco are expensive and, over the course of the evening as a whole, people are still most likely to be enjoying a good old pint."

Price even seemed an issue at that midnight toast, with the cheaper Prosecco just pipping Champagne in the popularity stakes at 18 per cent of sales to 17 per cent, together equating for more than more than one-third of pubs' total drinks revenues for the hour.

Beer also proved popular over the Christmas weekend, according to the figures, accounting for 35 per cent of wet sales over the three days, double that of spirits (21 per cent).

The research showed that pubs in towns and cities enjoyed a strong New Year overall - sales were up over the same period last year, with pubs in Newcastle, Brighton and Edinburgh seeing the biggest rises.

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