Dry January or not, figures reveal that Brits spend nearly £90,000 on alcohol in a lifetime – but which country spends the most?

An average British person is estimated to drink 12 litres of  “pure alcohol” per year, amounting to a spend of £80,957 according to research by money-saving site Vouchercloud.com.

Despite this impressive figure, the UK is the 17th booziest country in the world, with countries like Moldova, Russia and Australia drinking more.

The stats found that Moldova consumes 17.4 litres of pure alcohol per year, per person or the equivalent to 178 750ml bottles of wine, followed closely by Belarus (17.1 litres) and Lithuania (also 17.1 litres).



Vouchercloud used figures from the World Health Organisation between 2010 and 2015 to calculate this, and the term ‘pure alcohol’ refers to alcohol (or ethanol) that is 100% proof and undiluted by mixers.

See the map above to see where other countries ranked amongst the world's best boozers.