Carlsberg has given its 3.8 per cent ABV flagship beer a new look, as part of its £15m move to make the brand connect with Millennial drinkers.

Currently the new design is just a temporary one, though the company has promised a permanent radical redesign for the brand later this year.

The "København Collection" is an attempt to highlight the beer's ingredients: barley, hops and yeast, and will be available from February until September.




"Carlsberg has a remarkable place in the history of brewing when our founder, J.C. Jacobsen, and his team of beer scientists discovered purified yeast in 1883 – which changed the quality of lager that is enjoyed to this day," explained Liam Newton, VP marketing at Carlsberg UK.

"These designs communicate Carlsberg's unique place in beer in a manner that we believe will engage millennials."

In November the company unveiled a new look for its Export range that it promised would be the first in a series of moves to help reinvigorate the brand and category.