This video of a beer keg exploding in a German pub has gone viral, and it serves as a great reminder of why beer needs to be treated with respect.

A video of a man tapping a beer keg has got over three million views on the Facebook page of Brauerei & Gasthof Zwanzger, a brewery in Uehlfeld, near Nuremberg, Germany.

The video features a man with a wooden mallet attempting to get the beer flowing from the keg, but it all goes horribly wrong.

He is first seen breaking a mug, then he manages to break off the tap and frothy beer explodes everywhere, covering customers and the pub. 

The video can be seen below (skip to 45 seconds if you’re in a hurry).

If not fairly amusing, the video is also a good lesson in what not to do when trying to tap your beer kegs...   



The Gasthof Zewager brewery is a family-run brewery in Germany which has operated since 1639, according to the brewery's website.