Heineken has unveiled new packaging to go with its new campaign, Open Your World, the launch film for which (above) has already taken social media by storm.

The campaign launched with the film that has gone viral. It brings together total strangers divided by their beliefs over a beer to talk about their differences.

In order to bring the ethos of the campaign to life, new limited edition packaging has been launched across bottles and cans in the UK.




"This campaign is committed to looking out, not in - what we at Heineken have prided ourselves on for more than 150 years," says Cindy Tervoort, head of marketing.

"For us, openness is more than just a value. It's what we stand for. We believe that sharing a connection with someone over a beer is one of the ways in which our consumers can have a new experience that opens their world, and the new limited edition Open Your World packaging is a great way to encourage drinkers to do just that."