Is frozen prosecco the next big summer drink? This bar has turned bubbles into a slushy – but has kept the fizz in tact.

Patterns in Brighton, Sussex, has created homemade frozen prosecco, as well as two cocktails with the slush.

The venue said since prosecco was one of its best-selling drinks it wanted to offer something special.

This comes after “frosé” – frozen rosé wine – hit headlines and social media accounts last year. 

Chris McGovern, head bartender for Mothership Group, which owns Patterns, said: “Prosecco is one of our best-selling drinks and slushie cocktails are a big trend for this year, so the Frosecco idea was born. 

“It took a while to perfect the recipe and figure out how to keep the fizzy aspect in the slushie form, but we finally cracked it a few weeks ago. We think this will be hugely popular.  

“We also developed the homemade frosecco and placed it in other well-known prosecco based drinks and made an Aperol Spritz Slushie and a Mojito Royale Slushie.

The bar is selling regular frozen prosecco at £5, Aperol Spritz Slushie at £6.50) and Mojito Royal Slushie at £7.50.