Yes, you read that right, a beer specifically designed to be drunk in the shower is coming to the UK.

Shower beer is a hefty 10 per cent ABV, "sweet but strong" pale ale, created by Swedish craft brewer Pang Pang. It comes in tiny 18cl bottles, designed to be drunk in three gulps while showering.

Pang Pang is famed for its quirky brews including a cigar smoked beer, Bong Water, which was made by rebuilding a fermenter into the world's largest bong.

Of course, shower beer may not be quite right for a pub but fortunately its other brews are equally as eye-catching.




Imported by Morgenrot the beers available in the UK include:


  • Tiki Tango Pale ale: a 4 per cent ABV single hop, Simcoe pale ale
  • Golden Glock Fruit IPA: a 5.8 per cent ABV fruit IPA, containing "every fruit you can name in five minutes."
  • Flamingo-Go IPA: A 6 per cent ABV creamy IPA brewed with oats and Simcoe hops


The beers will be supported with activity in Liverpool, Manchester and London through June and July.




Pang Pang founder Fredrik Tunedal, who describes himself as, "Head brewer, labeller, delivery driver, cleaner and pretty much every other job" said: "It's amazing to have my beers in the UK and I'm delighted to be working with Morgenrot as we kick things off this summer.

"I have the deepest respect for the UK beer scene and brewing culture and am humbled to get this chance to mess your whole notion of craft beer up."