Crooked Beverage Co is a new wave of RTD that takes its cues from the craft beer market.


Launched this month by Global Brands, owner of the Hooch, Reef and VK brands, the drinks are described as "alcoholic sodas."

Aimed at 20 to 30 year olds the company hopes the range will plug the gap in the market between traditional RTDs, fruit cider and craft beer.

They are made with a malted base to give a flavoursome alcoholic taste and are sweet but not sickly to cater for the demand for drinks that aren't hugely sugary and synthetic.

"Crooked Beverage Co is something completely and truly different and with that it opens up a new realm of possibility," said Charlie Leaver, innovation manager at Global Brands.

"We plan to drive value into the RTD category by innovating and premiumising. We've taken a combination of the best from different categories to make a drink that is the first of its kind.

"We saw that the target demographic of consumers were tiring of overly sweet drinks with questionable ingredients, and so have created a product that tastes great, looks great, and is essentially natural."

The 4.7 per cent ABV range will initially available in three flavours: Dayglo Skies (Raspberry & Lime) Mother Moon (Pomegranate & Peach) and Midnight Stage (Blood Orange & Passionfruit).