With 75 per cent of drinkers stating they want to drink Coke from a glass bottle in pubs, Coca-Cola European Partners is investing in a new programme to encourage licensees to offer just that.

Currently only one in four licensed premises serves Coca-Cola in a glass bottle, despite three in four selling Coca-Cola.

"There is huge demand for glass bottles and this represents an opportunity for the pub trade, which can command a price premium by stocking the bottle," said out-of-home director, Rob Harris.

As part of the drive this summer's Share A Coke campaign, which offers drinkers the chance to win an exotic holiday for two, will run in the on-trade as well as the off-trade for the first time.

13 million bottles will roll out across pubs, bars and restaurants through July and August, supported by a £10m campaign.




The distributor has also launched new training and reward programme to help bar staff serve Coke perfectly every time.

A video has been produced, emphasising the importance of providing quality experiences for customers not drinking alcohol and showing the three simple steps to the perfect serve:


  1. Perfect Choice – Offering a choice of the three Coca-Cola variants plus bottle or draught
  2. Perfect Serve – Importance of glassware, volume of ice and garnish
  3. Perfect Time – When to offer a second drink to drive spend


The programme also includes support materials such as posters and leaflets to prompt staff to deliver the perfect serve of Coca-Cola every time and to make consumers more aware of the Cola-Cola options available.

Participating venues will get visited by mystery shoppers from the end of August until the end of November and bar staff demonstrating the perfect serve will get a £20 Amazon voucher.

"We want bar staff to be proud of the drink they are serving and the premium glassware and iconic Coca-Cola glass bottles equip them with the tools to boost their sales and reputation for serving quality, whilst giving their guests a reason to come back for a second serve, and a repeat visit," Rob said.