Hoegaarden, the Belgian wheat beer that took the UK by storm before anyone had even heard of craft beer, has been given a new look in time for summer. 

The new design makes more of the beer's key ingredients – wheat, orange peel and coriander seed – in illustrations inspired by classic 19th Century Belgian line drawings, said Harris Damasheck, Hoegaarden's global brand director at brand owner AB InBev.





The packaging also aims to give a more modern take on the brand's heritage, telling the story of the village of Hoegaarden where, in 1445, monks began adding unusual ingredients from the new world to their traditional sour beers.

"Summer is our season, where Hoegaarden can be enjoyed on a patio or rooftop, or in the park on a warm, sunny day, so we hope our fans are excited about the new packaging and design." said Harris.