Campari UK has launched a non-alcoholic aperitif, to capitalise on the growth of more bitter tasting drinks such as Aperol and Campari and the growing number of teetotal pub-goers.

Crodino is a traditional infusion of herbs, spices, woods and roots which are ripened for six months before being made into the drink.

It is said to be the most consumed non-alcoholic aperitif in Italy and has been produced since 1964.

"There is a clear demand for bitter drinks, so it's great to be expanding our offering in the UK by adding a non-alcoholic aperitif, which offers customers a sophisticated alternative to alcohol," said Pietro Mattioni, managing director of Campari UK.

"Crodino has long enjoyed great success in Italy and we are confident that it will be a popular addition to the UK drinking and dining scene."

It can either be served neat over ice, garnished with a slice of orange, as the Italians do. Or, for a more refreshing drink, top with soda and serve in a balloon glass over ice.