A new mixer aiming to challenge the dominance of the G&T has been launched.

Drink start-up, Sekforde Bespoke Botanical Mixers, has developed a new mixer specifically for gin, Sekforde For Gin.

Made from raspberry, sage and rose extracts, it complements the intense juniper flavours in the spirit, said company founder Talula White.

"Sekforde For Gin brings out the botanical flavours in craft gins, rather than masking them in quinine and sugar," she said.

"I've never been a big gin drinker, mainly because I'm not a fan of bitter quinine, which is often balanced by sugar, in tonic waters. It turned out this was holding other people back from making more of the gin renaissance too."

Sekforde Bespoke Botanical Mixers launched earlier this year with mixers developed especially for rum and whiskey.

Each 200ml bottle has fewer than 40 calories and comes in well below the "sugar tax" threshold, which will come into effect on soft drinks next April.