A group of volunteers are the first to benefit from funding raised by the sale of gin in pubs.

Ginerosity, a gin that reinvests its profits into good causes, has sent a group of young adults to take part in volunteer programmes in Africa, following the sale of the gin in pubs, bars, and supermarkets across the UK.  

The social enterprise gin was established last year to support young people in training and education. It is a London dry gin made with 10 ‘ethically sourced’ botanicals.

The first round of Ginerosity profits has now been shared out after applicants had to make a short video presentation to win the funding.  

The six selected young adults will travel to Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and Ghana this week, where they will each work for a local social enterprise business as part of a UK Government-funded volunteer programme. 




Co-founder of Ginerosity, Matt Gammell, who is also one half of Pickering’s Gin, said: “This is a major moment for us. Now we can say, ‘There, that’s where the Ginerosity money is going; these are the people you’re helping.'" 

“We’ve had a terrific response from other organisations keen to support, such as our investors Resilient Scotland, as well as the many bars across the country who are stocking Ginerosity on their gantries and listing it on their cocktail menus.

“Ginerosity is really starting to capture people’s attention. We think this is a unique initiative whereby many different communities benefit, all from buying a beautiful craft gin. We’d like to say a very big thank you to everyone who has supported Ginerosity and helped us get to this landmark moment.”