"Ming boggling" levels of Prosecco sales have prompted the team at Carlsberg's Crown Cellars arm to add two more to the portfolio.

Lyric Prosecco Extra Dry is the first of the new Italian sparklers to be added, while the second – Terra Serena Brut - is aimed at plugging the gap in the market for a drier-style of Prosecco.

"The feedback from our customers is that they are now looking for a truly dry (Brut) Prosecco," explained Master of Wine Jonathan Pedley.

"Most Prosecco in the UK is labelled 'Extra Dry' but actually has a noticeable amount of sweetness when you taste it. The excellent Terra Serena does not."




The new wines have been added as part of an overhaul of the entire Crown Cellars wine portfolio in response to market trends.

In total 32 new wines were added to the 500-strong range, with the majority of the new listings coming from Spain, followed by Italy which is, " currently pushing France hard for the spot of biggest wine producer," Jonathan said.

Earlier this year Cornish Orchards launched a "Prosecco-like" cider to try and cash in on the boom.