More than 60 per cent of people have only ever tried five styles of beer, new research reveals.

The study was commissioned by There's A Beer For That in honour of this year's Beer Day Britain, which took place on June 15.

The organisation's programme director, David Cunningham, said the findings identified, "some real areas of opportunity for retailers, pub, hotel and restaurant operators to grow their sales."

Of those surveyed 45 per cent said their favourite style of beer was lager; followed by pale ale (18 per cent), with dark ales coming in a distant third with just six per cent.

"When there are over 140 different styles of beer to choose this shows that, collectively, we still have a long way to go in educating drinkers about the wide range of styles and flavours there are to explore," said David.

The survey also showed that most people prefer to drink beer in the pub (45 per cent), with only 30 per cent preferring to enjoy a pint at home.

For licensees wanting to boost beer sales, providing information on taste and provenance, sampling and getting your bar staff to recommend beers, will help, explained David.


There's A Beer for That got involved in this year's Beer Day Britain for the first time, alongside event founder Jane Peyton.

It has been declared a huge success with more people than ever getting involved and a record number of pub and brewery events.