A fourth beer from the Iron Maiden and Robinsons collaboration has been announced.

Hallowed is a 6 per cent ABV Belgian-style beer made with a Belgian yeast – the first time the brewery changed its yeast since 1942.

Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of Iron Maiden and beer aficionado, said: "What makes this brew pretty special is that we're adopting a Belgian yeast for the first time. I'm a big fan of Belgian beers, so I jumped at the chance to brew my own.

"While I get very excited about experimenting with new formulas and ingredients, the thing about Belgian beer is that it's as much a way of life as it is a drink. We've tried to bottle that philosophy in Hallowed, albeit with a British twist."

The limited edition brew will be available from October for four months.

Its big brother Trooper, the original Iron Maiden ale, has sold more than 15 million pints since it launched back in 2013.

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