The Liberation Group has become the latest business to stop offering plastic straws in its pubs.

It is the largest pub group to date to make the move away from plastic straws in all of its 100 pubs across the Channel Islands and the West Country.

"Our pubs use millions of straws each year, so we see the switch really benefiting the environment," said managing director – pubs and inns, Jayson Perfect.

"Plastic straws are a blight on our coastlines, marine life and our oceans. This is a problem which is entirely avoidable. As an Island company who supports many charitable organisations, I feel we also have a moral obligation to support helping marine mammal life where possible."

The call for pubs and bars to ditch the use of plastic straws has gained huge momentum in recent months, and Inapub has also joined the campaign.

Supporters are calling for all pubs to:


  • Offer but don't automatically put straws in every drink
  • Sell reusable straws (yes, they are a thing) and/or offer to wash those that customers bring in


Straws and stirrers are among the top 10 marine plastic debris and are doing the most damage – because of their size they are eaten by fish, and marine animals get tangled in them.


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