Think Brits are boozy? Think again. We barely scrape into the top 10 of who drinks the most alcohol.

Research by mobile discount voucher app Vouchercloud shows that when it comes to the amount of pure alcohol consumed per person per head, the UK is down in ninth place.

Our average of 12.3 litres per person is dwarfed by Lithuania at the top, which consumes 18.2 litres.

The last time the list was compiled in 2015 Moldova was top but they have now been usurped by both Lithuania and Belarus.

Europe dominates the top spots, with South Korea the only nation from outside the continent featuring in the top 10.

The USA, with just 9.3 litres per person, is down in 27th place.

The least amount of alcohol is drunk in Libya and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, where just 100ml is drunk per person throughout the year.