A no-sugar cola brand has launched in the UK after British holidaymakers demanded it crosses the continent. 

Green Cola is sweetened with Stevia, caffeinated with green coffee beans and claims to have no calories.

It was conceived in Greece in 2013 where it became popular with locals and British tourists and has now launched in supermarkets and the on-trade in the UK.

Paul Woodward, chief executive of the company launching Green Cola, Green Room Brands, said: "It took over two years to perfect our cola, with literally thousands of attempts and recipe tinkering.

“One-by-one, we took out ingredients like aspartame, phosphoric acid and the ordinary caffeine used by mainstream brands, until we were left with a healthier cola that doesn't compromise on taste.

"There is nothing else like Green Cola on the market. Most low-calorie colas contain aspartame, an artificial sweetener that many consumers have growing concerns about. This is an untapped market set to take off on the back of the sugar tax next year and we see a long-term opportunity to drive sustainable growth."

Green Cola is sold in 330ml cans and 500ml PET bottles. 

Not sure healthy cola will take off? Coca Cola has revealed that it expects zero and reduced sugar sales to outstrip classic Coke sales for the first time next year.