It is one of the best-established wine brands in the world which is just one of the reasons why Hardys has been named as Favourite Wine Brand in the Inapub People's Choice Awards 2017.

Another, of course, is that pub-goers, simply love to see and drink the wine that the Hardys family have been producing for six generations.

We asked more than 500 people what their favourite drinks brands are and when it came to wine Hardys secured the top slot, with Jacob's Creek and Blossom Hill in the silver and gold positions.

The brand was established in 1853 when Devon lad Thomas Hardy pitched up in Adelaide and had the bright idea to make some wine. Fast forward 164 years and more than two million glasses of Hardys are enjoyed in 100 different countries across the world every day.

A Hardys spokesman said: "Hardys has an extensive portfolio, spans a variety of price points and wine varietals. These include the well-known Hardys VR, Hardys Stamp of Australia, Hardys Crest and Hardys Nottage Hill sub-brands – all of which have been available in the UK market for over two decades.

"In addition to these sub-brands, Hardys offers a range of on-trade exclusive labels, such as Hardys Sailing, Hardys Riddle, Hardys 202 Main Road and Hardys Mill Cellars. These on-trade exclusive sub-brands have helped Hardys' secure its position as the UK's favourite wine brand as well as increasing its popularity with publicans and customers alike."



Inapub People's Choice
Favourite Wine Brand
Gold: Hardys
Silver: Jacob's Creek
Bronze: Blossom Hill