Hot chocolate is currently the second most popular hot beverage to order out-of-home, after coffee  - cue the launch of Thorntons Luxury Chocolate Flakes 

Made with a blend of dark and milk chocolate for added luxury the flakes need simply to be stirred into hot milk for an extra indulgent treat.

Chocolate flakes have the potential to be a real profit booster, says distributor Ferrero Foodservice, with 81 per cent of punters more likely to order a hot chocolate if it is made from chocolate flakes rather than standard powder (Toluna/Ferrero Foodservice August 2017).

"Our findings show that upgrading your powder to chocolate flakes can prove a real money maker – 84% of people would pay an additional 50p or more, and well over a third up to £2.

"When you also consider that more people would order a hot chocolate in the first place, the profit potential of swapping to Thorntons is substantial," explains Ferrero's head of foodservice, Fional Morgan.

Research shows that 72 per cent of people have a better perception of a venue if they serve premium branded hot drinks, according to the Toluna/Ferrero research.