Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan have joined forces with Old Mout cider to try and save the Kiwi bird.

They are fronting a new online show called the Kiwi Wild Show, as part of a major campaign for the Heineken-owned cider, which originated in New Zealand.

The former presenters of BBC's Really Wild Show got involved to highlight the plight of New Zealand's national emblem following new statistics that reveal its population has declined by 99 per cent over the past 80 years.

There are now just 50,000 Kiwi birds remaining in the world.

As well as the show Heineken will be donating a third of the profit from special bottles of Old Mout cider to the charity Kiwis for Kiwi, which is focused on creating a safe habitat for the birds to grow and thrive.

PoS kits containing t-shirts, coasters and gamecards for drinkers, offering the chance to win a holiday to New Zealand, will be distributed to pubs.




"Once we heard that the kiwi bird population is at risk of becoming extinct, we hatched a plan to help the little fellas out!" said Emma Sherwood-Smith, cider director at Heineken.

"We're proud to partner with Kiwis for Kiwi and we're excited to have Chris and Michaela on board to host the Kiwi Wild Show."


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