The average price of a pint of bitter has risen above the £3 mark for the first time.

Stats released today by the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) reveal that a six pence increase over the last 12 months has pushed the average price to £3.05.

Earlier this month The Good Beer Guide revealed separate stats that indicated the price of a pint of beer – covering all styles, not just bitter – is now up 13p to £3.60.

The BBPA said the hike will fuel concerns over Treasury plans to increase beer duty for a second time this year in the Budget on November 22.

Chief executive Brigid Simmonds said: "Our latest Stats Handbook shows that the taxes on UK beer are still a huge cause for concern, and we cannot afford another beer duty hike in the November Budget, if we are to keep a pint in the pub affordable for British beer drinkers."



Despite the increase, the book also shows that beer remains the pubgoers number one drink – accounting for 54.3 per cent of on-trade alcohol sales. Wine (38 per cent) is the stay-at-home drinker's choice of tipple.

UK brewery numbers are up to a record of 2,250 – but 71 per cent of beer is made by the 20 biggest.

Perhaps surprisingly, the 67 litres of beer Brits drink per head is below the EU average of 72 litres. Czechs continue to lead the way as the world's biggest beer drinkers – averaging 147 litres per person every year.