Distilled in Osaka the gin is made with six botanicals that can only be found in Japan, says maker House of Suntory.

The process used to distil the gin is unique to Roku, which means "six" in Japanese.

The botanicals comprise:


  1. sakura flower
  2. sakura leaf
  3. yuzu peel
  4. sencha tea
  5. gyokuro tea
  6. sansho pepper


Each botanical is steeped and distilled in a variety of pot stills to extract the best possible flavour.

In addition, each botanical has been harvested according to the Japanese concept of "shun", the tradition of enjoying each ingredient at its best and only harvested once it has reached peak flavour.

"Distilled in Osaka's Suntory Liquor Atelier, the high standards set out by Suntory's principles of artisanship in premium whiskies have been applied to Roku to create an unmistakably complex and balanced gin," said Johna Penman, head of brands at UK distributor Maxxium.

"What's more, we firmly believe that Roku will stand apart as the definitive Japanese gin in the UK's growing premium gin category, both in the on-trade and off-trade as we look to expand the reach of Roku nationwide in 2018."

Roku should be served with tonic and garnished with six slices of fresh ginger.