LoneWolf, the distilling arm of the Scottish brewer, has signed a deal with the Chesterfield-based Global Brands for it to distribute its products across the UK.

It is hoped the partnership will help LoneWolf achieve its target of £40m growth in retail sales over the next two years.

The spirits include LoneWolf's London Dry Gin, Single Malt Vodka and its canned Gin & Tonic.

"We created LoneWolf because the world of spirits is in danger of becoming complacent, and consumers deserve better," commented Doug Bairner, managing director of LoneWolf Spirits.

"We distil – actually distil - from scratch on our premises and are creating spirits all the way from grain to glass. Global Brands instantly understood this and our passion for people to be able to enjoy a truly crafted spirit when they go to a bar, restaurant or hotel."


Last year Global Brands launched what was billed as a "new generation of RTDs"