At the end of last year Carlsberg published its Consumer Insights Report, here Alistair Gaunt, Carlsberg UK's VP of national sales, explains what the report's findings mean for pubs.


Alistair on Millennials:

"Discovering that the pub remains the number-one consumer choice for out-of-home occasions is fantastic news but of course, the last few years haven't been without their challenges.

"Consumer profiles are constantly evolving and whilst the use of the term 'millennial' has increased, operators should be careful when grouping together such a wider collective of people as one simple entity.

"The term is actually used to identify a very large group – 14m people aged 18-35 years old. So to put all these people together as one collective is, in our view, a real mistake – especially considering the profitable demographic sub-sectors that it represents.

"Whilst millennials as a whole have behaviours and attitudes in common, the report takes a segmented approach and identifies fundamental differences in consumption habits between 18-25 and 26-35 year olds, what this means for pubs, and how they can capitalise on this and tap into more opportunities."





Alistair on social sharing:

"Quality and memorable experiences have become increasingly important for consumers, so it's become of vital importance for operators to create 'shareable' moments as the market grows ever more competitive.

"Taking a closer look at the role of social media and the analysis of popular hashtags has also allowed us to identify an increased appetite for experiences throughout the week and on atypical days.

Often a neglected day for wet-led pubs, the report even highlights the importance of Sundays, with the use of '#SundayFunday' having grown by staggering 55% over the last three years."




Alistair on premiumisation:
"Unsurprisingly, the report looks at the on-going importance of premiumisation - the treat economy mega-trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

"Despite consumers visiting the pub less than previous years, the report reveals that when they are on the premises consumers are looking for premium choices, with the average spend per head up 3%.

"To make the most of this opportunity it is therefore imperative that operators evaluate their premium offering, along with alternative experiences and serves that they might be able to offer."




Alistair on health and moderation:

"Our research has found that 50% of the population moderate alcohol in order to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle, with many other leisure sub-sectors winning consumers over, and 26-35 year olds now more likely to visit the gym than the pub.

"Despite this, the social pull of the pub is still significant, with many consumers open to seeing their local pub hosting wider occasions including a work space, a film or book club and even a venue for exercise or yoga classes.

"In fact, cocktail classes resonated most with 18-35s, whilst older consumers were most engaged with social events like coffee mornings and community meetings – demonstrating the variety of options operators can consider outside of their 'traditional' offering."





Alistair on technology:

"Technology plays a massive role in all of our day-to-day lives, and the new study demonstrates that consumer expectation has elevated.

"Among some of the highest scoring technology elements that consumers now expect to see as a minimum, include a strong online presence, online booking facilities and free WiFi available. Whilst not all of these will necessarily apply to all operators it is essential to keep an eye on consumer expectations as they develop."