Founded in east London by three friends with a background in craft beer, Longflint Drinks are ready-to-drink tipples made from handmade mixers and craft spirits.

What we do is actually pretty simple," explained co-founder James Law.

"We handmake a range of tonics, seltzers and sodas before matching them with gin, rum, vodka or mezcal from our favourite craft spirits producers."

Alongside James sit Mark O'Reilly and brewer Shane McNamara, all of whom used to work together at Crate Brewery in Hackney Wick, London.

They've created a seven-strong range of long drinks using spirits from the East London Liquor Company, the Sacred Spirits Company, the London Distillery and Albelforths. All the drinks come in at 5 per cent ABV and are carbonated.



Local artists have also been commissioned to create labels for the bottles, which include:


  • A Winter Spiced Pear, Vodka Tonic

Made by steeping new season British conference pears with East London Liquour's 100% wheat vodka for three weeks. The result is then blended with a simple syrup made by simmering whole clementines, cassia cardamom, ginger, cinchona bark and a few whole cloves.

  • Hibiscus, Gin Tonic

Cold brewed hibiscus flowers make a beautiful Spanish style gin & tonic packed full of red stone fruit flavours like plum and cherry. Featuring Longflint's house tonic #2, made with house-made lime water and natural quinine.

  • Rhubard & Vodka Seltzer

A blend of pure British rhubarb juice with house-made vanilla tincture before combining with organic vodka from the Sacred Spirits Co. The result is a crowd pleasing, fruit driven number with great balance of sweetness from the vanilla and the characteristic hit of rhubarb.