Soft drink company Britvic believes there's a £2.6 billion opportunity in the soft drinks market, as people cut down on alcohol and seek out zero proof drinks.

It has already launched several new products to tap into a gap in the market for grown-up soft drinks, that replace alcoholic drinks, via its incubator arm Wisehead Productions.

The three drinks so far include:


  • Monte Rosso - a Campari-like aperitif style drink
  • T&E – an 83 calorie a bottle "botanical beverage" made with 20 ingredients
  • The London Essence co – a range of sodas and mixers


The soft drinks market is currently worth £14bn but only feature in one of three "beverage occasions" showing there is considerable headroom for growth, the company said in its annual category review, the Britvic Soft Drinks Report.


Britvic Licensed Lifestyle


"The consumer landscape and the way people live their lives is fundamentally changing and now is the time for the category to evolve," said commercial operations director, John Campbell.

"Soft drinks must adapt in order to maintain, but also grow their relevancy amongst consumers. At Britvic, we want to share our insights with customers and work together to identify new opportunities to grow the category, all by getting the nation to Drink Differently."

The company has also pinpointed kids drinks and food and soft drink matching as areas for growth.