Carlsberg has introduced a number of innovations to the on trade for 2018, including a comprehensive rebrand of its historic brand, Tetley's ale.

The move, which is part of a series of brand refreshes and launches by Carlsberg, includes a return to the original coat of arms on the font design, which was used for the first 80 years of the beer's existence.

Carlsberg hopes that the move will appeal to drinkers looking for a recognisable and trusted ale brand in a crowded marketplace.

Tetley's ale, which has been around since 1822, has a signature double strain yeast, giving it a unique taste.

It was described by the firm as a 'sleeping giant', and will be relaunched with a focus on its heartlands in the north of England. In the 1980s, Tetley's was the largest producer of cask ale in the world.




Rotational brews




Carlsberg also announced for the on-trade its rotational brews programme, which aims to drive spend by promoting new premium beer ranges on a specifically designed Carlsberg font.

The rotational programme will kick off with Carlsberg 1883, a full bodied, 4.6 per cent ABV all malt lager, brewed using Carlsberg's original 134-year-old yeast.

The second beer will be Carlsberg Unfiltered, available from June 2018. It is a lager with naturally occurring yeast, resulting in a hazy colour and crisp taste.


Craft beers




Also launched into the on-trade for 2018 are Carlsberg's first brews from the recently purchased London Fields Brewery. Initially a joint venture with Brooklyn Brewery, the London Fields team have collaborated to create a series of beers, including Hackney Hopster at 4.2 per cent ABV and 3 Weiss Monkeys at five per cent ABV.

Carlsberg is also bringing Brooklyn's limited edition Naranjito brew to the on-trade this spring. The beer is an orange pale ale brew, which was inspired by the firm's brewmaster Garrett Oliver's trip to JeJu Brewery in South Korea.






Also receiving a new look is Carlsberg's beer dispense solution, Draughtmaster.

Aimed at operators with little cellar space, the product is a 20 litre PET keg, replacing CO2 with an in-built compressor, which only requires water, a power supply, drainage and space for installation. It also increases the shelf life of beer to 31 days.

Brews available in the keg include Carlsberg Export, Brooklyn Lager, Poretti 3, Portetti 9, Shed Head, and Grimbergen Blonde.

CEO of Carlsberg UK, Julian Momen, said: "Our focus is to build our portfolio of premium quality beers, develop high-value relationships with our customers in a changing market, and content with today's beer consumer."