Two more beers have been added to the Guinness portfolio – Guinness Open Gate Pilsner and Guinness Open Gate Citra IPA.

Both have been brewed at the smaller craft Open Gate Brewery at the stout's Dublin St James' Gate site, that also produces the phenomenally successful Hop House 13 lager, Guinness West Indies Porter, and Guinness Dublin Porter.

The new beers are aimed at the 7.5m people in the UK who are "craft inquisitive" – punters who mainly drink mainstream beer, are interested in craft but who don't buy it that often. They have three main barriers to purchase: value, confusion over choice, and concerns that the quality will be poor and that the taste will not match their expectations.




"As brewers, our goal is to introduce people to the more flavoursome possibilities of beer," said lead brewer Peter Simpson.

"It's no secret that many people are moving away from mainstream beers and seeking more flavoursome options – however sometimes this process can be daunting and that's where we come in. With our new Open Gate Brewery Citra IPA and Pilsner, consumers won't have to worry about quality or value issues because they know what they're drinking has been released under the reliable and recognised Guinness brand."

Both the new beers are available now on draught in the on-trade. The 5 per cent ABV Open Gate Citra IPA will sell for around £4.80 a pint, while the 4.5 per cent ABV Open Gate Pilsner is recommended at £4.60 a pint.

What we're wondering now, though, is if Guinness will ever get it's own whiskey??