There will be more coffee shops than pubs in just over a decade with three new stores opening across the UK every day.

The finding was revealed in research commissioned by the London Coffee Festival, which gets underway, ironically enough, at the Old Truman Brewery this week.

There are now around 24,000 coffee shops in the UK with 1,215 new openings last year alone. Meanwhile, CAMRA stats suggest as many as 15 pubs a week are closing in the UK, bringing the total to around 50,000.

With Brits drinking 2.4 billion cups of coffee per year in shops – up four per cent from 2.3 billion last year – the industry is worth £9.6bn to the UK economy. One in five (18 per cent) of people visit a coffee shop at least once a day.

Jeffrey Young, founder of The London Coffee Festival, said: "For the industry to be contributing almost £10bn per year to the economy is an incredible achievement and shows how coffee has come to be the go-to drink for Brits and how advanced coffee-shop culture has become."