Crown Cellars has refreshed its spirits offering, and given the portfolio a fresh brand name: Distilled.

Carlsberg's wine and spirits division made the move having listened to feedback from licensees, who wanted to treat wines and spirits differently.

As a result, the newly expanded variety of selected spirits includes large and small brands. It also will include insight from industry experts through mini-guides, which deliver advice on engaging consumers. Additionally, bartender focused events will take place to showcase the brands.

Distilled is working with drink writers and comedy duo, the Thinking Drinkers, to create a series of educational videos to inspire bartenders.

The pieces will be released across a five-month period and focus on five core spirits categories – vodka, gin, rum, scotch whisky, and American whiskey.

Katie Hewitt, spirits category manager at Distilled, said the brand had spent a lot of time talking with bar owners and bartenders to build the portfolio.

She says: "We're looking forward to extending the conversation with bartenders – celebrating innovative and exciting serves that can be executed perfectly every time."

Speaking about the collaboration with the Thinking Drinkers, Katie says: "Our partnership has helped us develop a different way of communicating information on the spirits category, which will continue to not only evolve in line with consumer trends but as they are hosted online, they are accessible at any time day or night."