The Oxfordshire-based brewer has broken with tradition to enter the lager market.

The first trial batch, called Trial #1, has emerged from the pilot plant and will be available for tasting at The Sun Inn, Hook Norton; The Castle, Oxford and at the brewery's Open Tap Tasting Evening on Wednesday May 9.

The four per cent ABV beer was made with a special lager yeast and is described as being, "not over hoppy" and very drinkable.

MD James Clarke, said: "I would never have thought we would have been brewing a lager, a real departure for us but then when I joined Hook Norton Brewery we didn't have mobile telephones, the internet, brewed three different beers, records were handwritten, and 90% of beer drunk in the UK was drunk in pubs.

"Times and tastes change and we like to think down here at Hooky we can do the same."