YouGov has produced a Beer Map of Britain that shows the preferred beer brands in each area.

The study shows the regional variations in beer drinking habits with, for example, Londoners most likely to plump for lager (in the form of Heineken) while the rest of those in the South East tending to prefer real ale – with Fuller's London Pride emerging on top.

In Scotland, Tennent's is king, in Yorkshire it's John Smiths, while Carling is popular in the West-Midlands. In the east Greene King remains supreme and it's a pint of Foster's for those in the North East. Welsh drinkers prefer a pint of Peroni.



beer map


"Nowadays, Britain's drinkers have more choice than ever when they go to their local," said Amelia Brophy, head of data products UK at YouGov.

"However, our research is telling for brewers and ad planners alike. There appears to be a strong amount of loyalty to those with roots in the area, with London Pride and Tennent's particularly strong with those live where the beer is produced."