Tetley's has launched a pale ale as part of an overall re-brand of the historic Leeds-based brewery.


The brew will be available in cask only from this month (May). It was inspired by the original recipe for pale ale which was initially brewed 150 years ago and selected from the brewery's 200 year archive of recipes.
Tetley’s No.3 Pale Ale is being brewed in its original heartland, by the team at Leeds Brewery, in partnership with Tetley’s brew masters.
The beer aims to deliver a flavour straight out of the 19th century, and is a 4.2 per cent ABV brew made from English hops and pale ale malt. 
Pilgrim, Brewers Gold and Golding hops add bitterness and aroma with Tetley's double yeast strain offering the brand's typical flavour.
 Emily Hudson, brand manager for Tetley’s, said: “We felt it was a fantastic opportunity to team up with Leeds Brewery - one of the region’s leading brewers - to recreate the recipe within a mile of where it would have originally been brewed 150 years ago.
“It was one of the most innovative beer brands of its day from brewing with a distinctive double yeast strain, to the brand’s invention of stainless steel Yorkshire squares (versus stone or slate).
The founder of Leeds Brewery Sam Moss, said: "As passionate brewers, when we were approached with the opportunity of attempting to create a beer inspired by a 150-year-old recipe from the Tetley archives in Leeds, it was a challenge that our brew team were delighted to accept.
"It’s been an exciting process and we’re thrilled not only with the quality and flavour of the beer, but also with how faithful we’ve managed to remain to the original recipe.”