Badger Beers have been given a major overhaul by Dorset brewers Hall & Woodhouse.

Following an extensive consumer and trade research project, the brewer has stripped its range back from 12 to six permanent brews and given them all a modern look in a £1.25m revamp.

The company described the change as "one of the biggest branding changes in its 240-year history".

The range now comprises The Legendary Tangle Foot, Fursty Ferret, Golden Champion, Hopping Hare, The Cranborne Poacher and The Blandford Fly.

All beers are available in 500ml bottles to the freetrade but cask is only available to pubs in Hall & Woodhouse's estate.

Anthony Woodhouse, managing director of Hall & Woodhouse, says: "The marketplace has moved on at a pace in the last few years and it was time to update our brand, making it more contemporary and relevant to the evolving beer consumer.

"Our range of crafted beers appeal to many different tastes, drinking occasions and seasons, and we needed to reflect this in our brand and packaging."